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Meet "The Eraser" Shakeena Melbourne

Michigan attorney Shakeena Melbourne’s passion for the law began admiring her uncle’s business venture, a Jamaican restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Melbourne believed in her uncle’s vision and assisted him in maintaining the productivity of his business. Ms. Melbourne took all of the knowledge she learned and now applies that information to her business and legal clients.

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Record Expungement

An expungement is requesting that the Court clears a criminal record or criminal conviction or criminal charge from a background check. Depending on each state, a person can get rid of a criminal record that is a felony or a misdemeanor or both.



When you are in need of a financial restart that bankruptcy may be for you. Let us at Upton Law, PLLC assist with determining if you are eligible for bankruptcy and which chapter of bankruptcy to make sure you get rid of debts you need and keep the items you want.


Business Services

Small to large business have separate needs based on the specific industry, service and product. There are common themes, structures and laws based on the industry. Let us help you with the formation, building or restructuring of your business.

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Helping you get rid of the "old" so that you can get a fresh start on your new chapter of life. "The Eraser" mind-set isn't just about a law practice, it's about ensuring that legal and financial issues aren't a blocker for your future!

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How To Be Debt Free In 90 Days.

Book is now available on all digital platforms and by paperback. Released on February 1, 2022.

The Scoop: Bankruptcy And Why You May Need It?

Is now available on all digital platforms and available by paperback. Released on May 20, 2021.

The benefits of filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The Benefits of Filing Chapter 13 and how to keep your sh***t!

Is now available on all digital platforms and available by paperback. Released on September 17, 2023.

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