What We Do

Upton Law, PLLC fixes the person behind the business using legal tools and services. Here at Upton Law, PLLC we take pride in assisting every one of our clients. Our mission statement is simple, “treat every client as if they are the only one.” We make all efforts to sit in the driving seat and help the person behind the business with business strategies, legal advice, and personal assistance with credit management, expungements and business structuring.

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Let us help you erase that old conviction.

Here at Upton Law, PLLC we work on the matters that truly matters. We work on the hidden issues of the past that are hindering your future. For many individuals that is an old criminal conviction. From our years of experience, we have discovered that it is quite common for individuals to have felonies from CCWs, DUIs, OWIs, Retail Fraud and Assault. But we do not run from it or hide from it. Instead, we fix it. We prepare and file expungements throughout the entire State of Michigan. It does not matter the court, the City or the County. If you qualify, we will expunge it. We have a track record of 98% of expunging records. So give us a call and let’s make sure you qualify and get that record expunged.

Find a Better Financial Future

Here at Upton Law, PLLC we have more than 5 years of experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. We have tracked several of our 500 + clients and over the years, we can say that we have seen credit scores increase 50 points or more by filing bankruptcy and getting rid of those old debts that hold our clients back. Out track record surpasses most and we are here to help.


Let’s jump right in and start that business.

Here at Upton Law, PLLC, business is where the heart is. It is our believe that small businesses and the individuals behind the business that are the hard workers, the creativities, the trendsetters and the ones that keep the economy going. As a small business ourselves, we strive to accomplish and help the needs of the leaders who simply get left behind from constantly working on building the product, servicing the client and working hard to keep the staff on track. So, let us help you to jump right in and start that business, fill in the gaps of the business structure, answer the questions of how to start a business; how to choose between a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a corporation; how to hire staff; how to create an employment handbook and how to win in your business. Give us a call, setup a consultation and let us do the work.

Don't Second Guess Your Next Move!

Let the Eraser help erase bad debt, judgments, garnishments and past criminal records!

We can partner to build and protect your business from the very start. In other words... let's talk!

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