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You may have heard of an Expungement but what is it? An expungement is legal method where a motion can be filed to set aside a previous criminal conviction. An expungement is allowed by a state conviction. Meaning, when you were arrested you were charged by the county’s prosecutor office and when you went to court for sentencing you appeared in front of a state elected judge.


What Else Should You Know?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to receive an expungement from federal crimes. A federal conviction is when you were charged by the US Attorney Prosecutor’s Office and the judge presiding over the case was in a federal court.

However, for those that were charged under a state statute, you MAY be able to obtain an expungement (to set aside the conviction). Every state has different laws on expungements and what records can be expunged. However, in the State of Michigan, Governor Whitmer passed a law in 2021 to expand the expungement laws called “Clean Slate.” Prior to 2021, the State of Michigan only allowed expungements to individuals that had 1 felony and up to 2 misdemeanors.

Did you know?

As of April 2021, that law has changed. Today, an individual is allowed an expungement if the individual has up to 3 felonies and an unlimited number of misdemeanors. The new “Clean Slate” Law will help hundreds of thousands of Michiganders, and we are in the business of helping individuals that have any questions on your eligibility.

Give us a call and let us help you find out if you qualify for an expungement.

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